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Systems Analysis

  • This is a FREE service and is crucial for us to understand your business.  Generally this takes about 2 hours at your location and involves the analysis of your current bookkeeping / accounting processes and information reporting.


  • Traditional bookkeeping service of financial information to produce a monthly Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Financial Analysis

  • Monthly meetings to review your Income Statement and Balance Sheet and create and review the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (Financial Ratios) to monitor:
    • Liquidity
    • Solvency
    • Efficiency & Profitability

Management Accounting

  • Departmental Accounting
    • Setup of processes required to allocate revenue, direct costs, indirect costs and the costs of non-revenue generating departments.
  • Cost Accounting
    • Setup of processes required to allocate direct material, direct labour, indirect material, indirect labour and factory overhead.

Training Web Site

  • Bookkeeping so you or one of your staff can record the day to day transactions of your business.
  • Financial Analysis so you can monitor your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Departmental Accounting so you can monitor your Revenue and Expenses by department.
  • Cost Accounting so you can monitor your cost of manufacturing.